Senator Tom Daschle



I think he should be remembered in many different ways. First as a person who sacrificed a lot for his country physically, and he never forgot the commitment made to veterans. He was the chairman of the World War II Memorial, and I know as he considers his life, that accomplishment is something that he holds to be very special. So you start with that. You start with this kid from Kansas who, living on the plains, developed an appreciation for his country and his community, and that I’m sure made the indelible mark on his character that we see in Bob Dole today. You see him as a hard-charging political leader for a long period of time, who evolved into a hard-charging national statesman who cared deeply for accomplishment, who was not afraid to endure the criticism of people in his own party oftentimes to do the right thing, reaching across the aisle, even to a period after his time in the Senate, where he reached towards me. So I believe that history is going to reflect very well on the career of Bob Dole.